Make your day WORRY FREE.

Make your caterer KFC.

It’s your big event. You don’t need worries about a catered meal you’ve never had. So, choose KFC and relax. Because you know us and our products.

Straight from Colonel Sanders, they’ve been here for over 60 years. All finger lickin’ good. All customer proven. No surprises. So drop the worry from your list.

Welcome to KFC Catering

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KFC Catering Tomah Wisconsin

Here’s what you’ll get from KFC’s Tomah team:    The team at Tomah is long on experience. Bring us your budget and we’ll bring you a plan. Tell us about your event, and we’ll help you put together the perfect meal. Big or small, we’ve done them all.Many customers pick up their order at the restaurant in our specially designed catering packaging. Keeps hot things hot and cool things cool. Or you can have KFC deliver it. We’ll even serve it if that would make you feel more at ease.

Here’s what your guests will get…from you:    A decades proven meal right out of the Colonel’s kitchen. Chicken choices America loves. Whether it is Original Recipe with its 11 secret herbs and spices (even we don’t know what they are), Extra Crispy, Grilled, or a mix. Rounded out with homestyle fixin’s made to perfectly complement whatever your chicken choices are.